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We all know about the power of critique and comments, the wonderful resource that Groups can be and the great exposure that art features in journals can bring to new or lesser known artists but there are other, less obvious, ways in which we can use our skills to help and inspire other artists. Here are just a few...

Writing Tutorials
Are you an expert in your field with years of training and education? Or are you self-taught with knowledge that comes from the experience of learning and doing? You might take for granted the techniques that you employ every day in your art but don't forget - your skills are valuable, especially to people who aspire to creating the kind of art you create. Whether you can demonstrate how to draw hands in every conceivable pose or show step-by-step how to process a photographic portrait to perfection, someone out there can benefit from your experience.

You can submit your tutorials to
:bulletgreen: Resources & Stock Images > Tutorials
:bulletgreen:  Resources & Stock Images > Video Resources & Tutorials

If you're interested in submitting video resources and tutorials, check out this FAQ:
FAQ #842: How do I become a submitting member of the film community?

Providing Stock Images and Resources
Are you a digital artist who creates images and textures to use in your art? A photographer who makes their own Photoshop actions? A designer who creates fonts or a painter who works from their own line-art or character sheets? The tools you create for use in your own art could be just as useful to other artists and it's really easy to share them...if you want to!

You can submit your resources to
:bulletgreen:  Resources & Stock Images > 3D Models
:bulletgreen:  Resources & Stock Images > Application Resources
:bulletgreen:  Resources & Stock Images > Clipart
:bulletgreen:  Resources & Stock Images > Designs & Patterns
:bulletgreen:  Resources & Stock Images > Fonts
:bulletgreen:  Resources & Stock Images > Fractal Resources
:bulletgreen:  Resources & Stock Images > Line-art & Character Sheets
:bulletgreen:  Resources & Stock Images > Stock Images
:bulletgreen:  Resources & Stock Images > Textures
:bulletgreen:  Resources & Stock Images > Vector Resources

If you're interested in submitting stock imagery, check out this FAQ:
FAQ #809: What are DeviantArt's stock image guidelines?

Providing Useful dA Stuff
If you've made your own Literature templates, designed your own custom journal skin or even enjoyed creating dA avatars for your friends as well as yourself, your skills could be shared to help others customise their deviant world.

You can submit your useful dA stuff to
:bulletgreen:  Resources & Stock Images > Literature Templates
:bulletgreen:  Customization > Icons > Avatars
:bulletgreen:  deviantART Related > deviantART Skins & Scripts > Journal & Gallery Skins

Don't forget to check out these FAQs:
FAQ #214: What are DeviantArt's policies regarding avatars?
FAQ #67: How do I share Journal Skins?

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