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dA Groups that welcome Darkroom photos

Check out these fabulous dA groups which are home to some truly stunning darkroom creations.

alt-process-printing's gallery is like a living history of photographic printing techniques, from Polaroid emulsion lifts to Dageurrotypes. You'll find some familiar processes here as well as many that you've never heard of or seen before. This group is a great place to browse if you want to learn more about Darkroom photography as well as see beautiful images.

Francesca double exposure by Robin-Bervini The Trial II by ChristianBurtscher Hard rain... by i-gledam

TLRs is a group for photos taken with (and of) twin-lens reflex cameras. These are film cameras that have two lenses with the same focal length, one being the 'taking lens' (which actually takes the picture) and the other being used as a view-finder.

No more leaves by cameraflou A thousand miles behind. by cameraflou wood II by izzy68

AnalogPhotographers has a gallery packed with gorgeous film-shot images, categorised by technique. They encourage members to include detailed information about their materials and processes in the descriptions of their submissions, so their gallery will give you the opportunity to find out about how its contents were created.

Artist want a be by BigShrimp-Photo Dive__1__VX400 by xxlogre Alcazar by JillAuville

PolaroidLovers is a wonderful place to discover beautiful images shot on instant film. From landscapes to still life to portraiture, their gallery is a treasure trove of visual wonder.

:thumb190266997: Seat by Fladfisk These will only haunt me by jierumi

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Another group that accepts darkroom photo's #Through-a-Lens
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