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December 29, 2011
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dA Life #05: Art For All

Thu Dec 29, 2011, 12:56 PM

Welcome to the fifth dA Life blog, a series created to help you enjoy your time on dA and use it's many tools for sharing your art, appreciating other people's art and taking part in the wonderful community that we have here.

I do not want art for a few, any more than education for a few, or freedom for a few.

- William Morris

As this is the last dA Life blog before the end of 2011, I'd like to invite you to make a new year's resolution with Fella, to celebrate your love for art and revel in the experience of creation, to let inspiration lift and carry you, to follow your passion and to immerse yourself in your development and growth as an artist.

As every great journey begins with the first step, every great artist has to start somewhere. deviantART is a great place to begin your creative journey and find support and encouragement. There are many experienced and professional artists here but the unique thing about dA is it's ever-growing popularity as a bustling creative haven for new artists to share their work with the world. Here's what a few deviants have to say on the subject...

dA has helped me - it inspired me to get better and better at my art. I'm glad that there is an open networking place where people can post art, see others' art and get better!
- Aghorishaivite, deviant for 1 year

Positive Thinking Stamp by cjqueen76 Motivation Stamp by In-The-Machine Define Yourself :Stamp: by Circe-Baka

I'm still new in my eyes and being here allows me to grow as an artist, by seeing others' art and picking up on tips. I have found very few people unwilling to offer advice to others willing to learn. I have kept everything I have done and just tuck them away in yearly folders. It allows me to go back and see my improvement. I do admit that I can laugh at some of me feeble efforts as well as find some humor in others' attempts [...] There is no bad art. Its just the start of what is to come.
- nitchwarmer, deviant for 3 years

Stamp: Practice by MeckelFoxStudio Practice by lost-in-cyber-space practice makes perfect stamp by Vibeviant

deviantART has presented to me opportunities. For example, I'm being published in my favourite photographer's next book due to deviantART. Without dA, the artwork I'd see online, in books or wherever would be created by 'mythical creatures' I'd only read/hear about. deviantART has allowed me to contact and be contacted by great wonderful artists
- Mebob, deviant for 3 years

Better Artist by Xellphy Life long student artist by webwenchginger :thumb172420344:

deviantART gave me the warm comfort and cosy feeling I needed for posting my artwork online. While I have a website for my comic, I've felt more comfortable posting here until I figure things out with my book and website. I've had some people critique the hell out of my stuff and I'll admit I've gotten angry at some of the comments. But what I've come to learn is that we really do see this world through our own eyes, and other senses.
- gregscottbailey, deviant for 6 years

I Support Young Artists by Zyroh Critique by Chynbek I want you to succeed by HarmonicSonic

I have grown as a writer here and I have seen others do the same. I have always viewed deviantART as a place to come to learn, to grow and to improve upon your work through the opinions, criticisms and thoughts of others. I never thought, nor do I understand those that do, that this is a site where you should only be posting your finely polished, final products. 
- dreamsinstatic, deviant for 4 years

Get some inspiration by Tekuuchi Inspiration Stamp by Kezzi-Rose DA Stamp - Inspiration 01 by tppgraphics

I can see a massive difference between the photos I take today from the ones I was taking 2-3 years ago and the knowledge that I got much better, combined with the actual evidence of my gallery, is spurring me on to become even better. I'd probably Scrap most of my earlier photos but I just don't have the heart to get rid of the 'bad art', just because I like to see the difference. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having doodles in your gallery because without them there's no progress into becoming a better artist.
- Photographics, deviant for 6 years

If you're looking for somewhere to share your work, hone your craft, find information, seek feedback and improve your work in a positive, supportive environment, check out these dA Groups as introduced by the dedicated deviants who run them...

DACipher was created to help artists grow among a group of teachers and other artists in their chosen media [...] This group works not to discourage art that would be considered mediocre or 'low-quality', but to encourage the best in every artist that wishes to grow into their desired artform.
- from namenotrequired, Group Moderator

Allies-In-Art is a place where any artist, at any level, and any art (within the rules of dA, of course!) is welcome.
- from KarmicCircle, Group Founder

Photo-Challenge-52 helps photographers to grow through practice. It's not that you attract lots of critique through that group, but you just HAVE to take a photo a week and when you do that, you automatically get better. Just because at some point you want to get better stuff that doesn't look exactly the same as all the other photos of yours.
- from Narkya, Group Co-Founder

FeedbackHub is a community of photomanipulation artists who are interested in feedback on their work and on giving feedback to others under the ground rules set forth by us.
- from kuschelirmel, Group Founder

At Deviant-Mentor, we pair newer artists up with seasoned ones to give advice, critique, and befriend. We're here to support the new or inexperienced artists of the deviantART community.
- from namenotrequired, Group Mentor

Emo-Art-and-Style accepts all levels. We leave the 'quality check' up to the artist, since he/she can decide what his/her best works are.
- from KatarinaMaline, Group Founder

Walkthrough-Rookie is a group for the new artists and for the new dA members too. It's gallery is full of tutorials and other useful stuff.
- from Docali, Group Co-Founder

photoshop-tutorials has been around for quite some time, trying to bring great tutorials to the attention of our watchers. We try to hold ourselves to a certain standard, not only when it comes to the quality of techniques taught, but also on their presentation.
- from kuschelirmel, Group Founder

Life-On-dA is my own recommendation. I found them through a comment left on a fella journal by their Founder, pixiepot, and was so impressed by the lengths they go to when it comes to helping new dA members find their way around the site and get involved with positive activities that I just had to include them here.

Also, check out these great articles by namenotrequired...


Want more useful hints, tips and information to make your deviant experience even better? Check out these blogs at fella...

:party: Here's to a devious 2012! 

The fifth in the dA Life series of journals at #fella, on a mission to
introduce deviants old and new to fun stuff, useful stuff and downright
devious stuff to discover, get involved with and enjoy. The dA Life series
also exists to empower artists to use the amazing resources found at
deviantART to create their own deviously artistic experience!


#fella aims to be a welcoming space, primarily for new members,
providing useful resources and practical assistance from friendly,
approachable deviants, leading to easier navigation of the site and
an enjoyable, positive deviantART experience.

More dA Life?
Want more useful hints, tips and information to make your deviant
experience even better? Check out these blogs at #fella...

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:bulletgreen: dA Life #07: Get in Touch and Get Involved

I used Writer to make this journal. It now allows you to post to Groups as well as your own journal!
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