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If you were going to commit suicide, would you post a countdown in your DA journal? 

99 deviants said No.
2 deviants said Yes.

Devious Comments

xblackheartedangelx May 4, 2006
yea i dont completely agree with the whole 'you only talk about it if you want attention' but i think actually sitting down and typing out a count down is completely different then conifiding in a friend. ive attempted suicide a few times and people try to tell me that b.c im not afraid to talk about my scars and that im still alive that i only did it for attention, when really i talk about it to get passed it and im still alive due to a miracle...

but no i would never stoop to doing a countdown, thats just really immature.
no because if i was really serious about it, it would be soemthing so carefully planned so that no one would be around to save me accidentally.....i'd for sure succeed. so something like a countdown in my journal would jepordize that. and plus, if i was posting a countdown, then i think it would be because i was wanting attention [not necessarily lying and saying things to get attention....but needing someone to take notice and thats the only way i can think of] and or if i did that it would be because i wanted someone to talk me into or out of it.
krash May 2, 2006  Professional Photographer
Serotonin is actually a prime factor in suicides, an overload causes the person to lose the ability to reason, thus suicidal thoughts become a rational choice.
brainlessinc May 2, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
sucider = looser!
AbunaiRei May 2, 2006   Interface Designer
Nupe. If I was serious, I'd leave a note for my friend or someone, and then do it right after. I wouldn't want someone to stop me.


Suicide = The suck. o0
sweetx666 May 2, 2006  Student General Artist
LOL no...I don't think I'd tell anyone. =/
This has got to be one of the most unusual polls yet...No suicide here and no, wouldn't tell a soul anyways...:crazy:
yoursweetsix-six-six May 2, 2006
phew no one picked yes. i wouldn't wanna know what you'd do to them *shudder*
RockstarVanity May 3, 2006  Professional Photographer
Two people have said yes now...I'm just laughing at them.
yoursweetsix-six-six May 4, 2006
*shakes head*
what little beggas
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