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Do you have a blog that I can read (not on DA)? 

34 deviants said Yes and I'm going to tell you the URL.
26 deviants said No.
5 deviants said Yes, but you're not allowed to read it.

Devious Comments

Hey. . . . . . .remember me commenting on this ages ago? :giggle: Finally got around to giving you the url for my livejournal, if you wanna read it. it's right here. Most of the entries are friends only right now, so if you want you can add me.
I do, but it's an 'art' journal... *ahem*
I have LJ, it's a bit random, but here ya go [link]
I have a livejournal (I'll have to give you the url later, I don't remember it), but it doesn't get updated much in the summer. More often when I'm in school.
[link] :). It's friends only so if you really want to read it just comment and i shall add you (if you even have a livejounral)
I dont really do blogs, but I enjoy reading them. And if I have something to say I find a way to say it.
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