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Now that all Fetish Portraits are automatically being marked as Mature Content, what are you doing with your non-MC fetish work? 

29 deviants said Not applicable - you don't have any fetish work at all in your gallery.
16 deviants said Moving it into other categories.
10 deviants said Leaving it where it is and accepting that it will be unviewable by lots of people now.
4 deviants said Not applicable - you don't have any non-mature fetish work in your gallery.
No deviants said Taking it down/putting it into storage in protest.
No deviants said Taking it down/putting it into storage til you figure out what else to do with it.

Devious Comments

It's just so stupid! Not all fetish photos are MC! Like a photo of someone smoking - how is that mature content!? >__<
Who bright spark came up with that idea, eh?
moving it in some other categories..but that sucks for sure :(
DistortedSmile Dec 13, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
I didn't actually know until I saw this, but I haven't been on for a couple of days!

I guess I will just put up with it
GolioGoth Dec 12, 2006   Photographer
Well I don't do a lot of fetish work and when I do the people who really will appreciate it can view MC anyway so that doesn't really matter.

Also, most fetish work is MC anyway so it doesn't seem to be a big compact on me. Think about it, if you look up "fetish" on a dictionary, isn't the meaning pretty mature anyway? ;)
Move it around, beat the system.
''beat the system'' > sounds like a new revolution is forming! lol
I'm all about revolutions. :)
Damn, I don't think I will move all of my exsisting images, but I am putting the new ones in other catagories even though they don't belong in "Glamour"
i don't have any fetish things... though i want too iu just need to find a fetish i'm really into... but besidesthe point, i would just move ti into other galleries
jjbertramiv Dec 11, 2006   Photographer
The Fetish Gallery , not yours B-)
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