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An official group system on dA... 

57 deviants said Its cool, but I don't have an ideas to suggest (or someone else has already said everything I think).
25 deviants said I was completely oblivious to the upcoming implementation of an official group system but now I'm interested.
22 deviants said It sounds like a good idea but I'm not really into the group thing here.
16 deviants said I'm totally hyped about it and have made my own suggestions.
14 deviants said I'm excited about it and am going to share my ideas publicly.
13 deviants said Whatever.
13 deviants said Ugh, MORE changes to dA?
13 deviants said I was completely oblivious to the upcoming implementation of a group system and am happy to stay that way, thanks.
3 deviants said Some other opinion? Comment!
1 deviant said Yuck. There should NOT be a group system here!

Devious Comments

The only group system I'm familiar with is over at Redbubble & it's remarkably similar to a lot of your ideas, which are pretty much which I'm going to be suggesting to Moonbeam13 in a few minutes.

They work well over there & take away a lot of the muss & fuss of the faving & other crap that goes on.
The main thing I hope is avoided is what's happened at Flickr. DA should be 100% different.
RockstarVanity Aug 27, 2008  Professional Photographer
I think some of the features of Flickrs groups are really handy, but they totally lack the community aspect that dA clubs have. But then (as much as I like Flickr) I don't think any parts of it has the community vibe that dA has.
I can't wait for a group system! It would really help organize the clubs and such.
I don't have any ideas but I'm really happy about it cos *Respect-Us, my club, could do with the support!
taeliac Aug 26, 2008  Professional Artisan Crafter
I have a couple of tweaks, but they're more based on the current clubs I'm in, but as I've never administered or helped with running one, I really don't have any input that would be helpful, that someone hasn't already said!
JesusRod Aug 26, 2008  Professional Photographer
I might sound stupid but....what that "group system" would do exactly??
RockstarVanity Aug 27, 2008  Professional Photographer
You know the way people have created club accounts here? It would just make that official and have a slightly different set-up for managing those accounts.
Xerces Aug 26, 2008  Professional Artisan Crafter
already added my ideas =D
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